Software Solutions

Understand, Negotiate And Analyze Better, More Profitable Deals

Software Solutions

Understand, Negotiate and Analyze Better, More Profitable Deals.

Our proprietary PharmaLytics Deal Analysis and Reporting Software is relevant, comprehensive, and easy to use. Use it to negotiate more profitable deals, automate existing contracting processes, ensure contract compliance and track contract performance/profitability. Bottom line? It will help you improve yours - by improving contract revenues and reducing operating costs.

Why use PharmaLytics?

  • Determination of Payer Valuation
  • Recommended rational pricing
  • Multi-Scenario, formulary based pre-deal financials
  • Analytics based on answering strategic business questions
  • KPI driven Payer Scorecards
  • Administrative
  • Rebate Processing
  • Medicaid Processing
  • Chargeback Processing
  • Government Pricing (Partner)
  • 867/852 Wholesaler Reporting
  • Rebate accrual

Our PharmaLytics software is easy and flexible enough for use in any size operation - from top 10 pharmaceutical companies to small and mid-size companies as well.

Our system is modular
You can pick and choose any one or all of the software services you need to provide your company with the actionable knowledge and intelligence to make rational, fact-based decisions.

The analytics modules
deliver insights across a wide array of data sources by producing reports based on business questions rather than data sets. It’s faster, easier to use and more relevant – providing what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Based upon market demands, we continuously develop and enhance our broad software solutions for our clients
Transitions are smooth – with little downtime. Online support is readily available. We listen to our clients and how they use the software - which is why we never stop improving it.

PharmaLytics is often hosted on PharmaMetrics servers at a secure data center, or you can use our enhanced SaaS package. It can also be installed onsite on your servers PharmaLytics often stores and maps data across numerous data sources including, for example:

  • IMSHealth data
  • Symphony Health data
  • Any source of formulary (such as Fingertip Formulary or MMIT)
  • Internal Processed Claims (be it from Revitas, Model-N, or internal systems)
  •  “What sets PharmaMetrics apart is the depth and breadth of their true business knowledge.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “PharmaMetrics solutions can either be a complete business solution or independent modules that supplement your current business infrastructure.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “The implementation was easy and I didn’t need any training whatsoever. If you know how to do your job – the system follows your process. You don’t have to change your process to meet the systems needs.”
                -- Director, Corporate Compliance, Dermatological Company

  • “The industry experience and knowledge of their expanded team of experts sets them far apart from other service providers within the industry.”
                -- Director of Contracting, Amarin Pharma Inc.

  • “PharmaMetrics offers the services and software to handle all of our Managed Markets needs from front-end pricing analytics to the ban-end contract administration.”
            -- Sr. Director, Contract Management, Top 10 Pharma

  • “The robust reports generated enable more accurate forecasting and financial analysis.”
            -- Sr. Director, Top 10 Pharma