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Tina Cullen

Director, Contract Advisory Services

Tina has a unique combination of broad and deep knowledge of Payer Contracting in the Pharmaceutical Industry. For the extensive part of her 27 year career with GSK, she was in charge of contracting teams across all customer channels and all functions. This experience included developing contract strategy guidelines, pre-deal analytics, contract language development, contract operations and forecasting\accruals. She provided financial and contracting expertise to customer field teams and brand marketing teams enabling better decisions to meet business objectives.
 Prior to joining PharmaMetrics, Tina was most recently Senior Director, Brand Payer and Market Access at GlaxoSmithkline. In that role, she was responsible for developing launch market access strategies for a specialty product.
Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from North Carolina State University. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

  •  “What sets PharmaMetrics apart is the depth and breadth of their true business knowledge.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “PharmaMetrics solutions can either be a complete business solution or independent modules that supplement your current business infrastructure.”
            -- Director, Contracts, Top 20 Pharma

  • “The implementation was easy and I didn’t need any training whatsoever. If you know how to do your job – the system follows your process. You don’t have to change your process to meet the systems needs.”
                -- Director, Corporate Compliance, Dermatological Company

  • “The industry experience and knowledge of their expanded team of experts sets them far apart from other service providers within the industry.”
                -- Director of Contracting, Amarin Pharma Inc.

  • “PharmaMetrics offers the services and software to handle all of our Managed Markets needs from front-end pricing analytics to the ban-end contract administration.”
            -- Sr. Director, Contract Management, Top 10 Pharma

  • “The robust reports generated enable more accurate forecasting and financial analysis.”
            -- Sr. Director, Top 10 Pharma